Photo Credit: ‘Playingwithbrushes’ via Compfight cc

What is this?

It’s new to me

What is this?

What can it be?

I don’t know

It could be many things

I don’t know

It could be anything

Tell me what is is

I can’t figure it out

Tell me what it is

What is all this about?

Since you haven’t given a helpful contribution

I’m still stuck in a state of confusion

3 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. G’day Samantha,
    Love the poem and you have chosen a very confused looking bird to go with it. Maybe it is a new flower, plant or seed that the bird has seen. Or maybe a child’s toy left out in the garden.

  2. I think you wrote a great poem. This poem is a very unique one. It also rhymes. And it seems like you’re talking to someone.

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