Washington D.C.

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The capital of the US in Washington D.C. I find that a lot more interesting than my state capitol, Salem. Before I start, I have a weird request: please don’t say Washington when on the subject of D.C. Most people seem to forget that there is also a state called Washington. For me (I live on the west coast), it is too confusing to to tell which area you are speaking of. Okay, now we get to the fun stuff!

Sight to see number one: The White House. A trip to D.C. would be incomplete without getting a tour of the president’s residence. I know it may seem weird to tour someone’s house, but that mansion has been around for hundreds of years! Almost all of the presidents lived there. If that strikes your fancy, I found a website for you: http://www.whitehouse.gov/

Sight number two: The Smithsonian. The Smithsonian is the largest museum and research sight in the world! It has many branches to the actual museum such as (but not limited to): American History and Culture Museum, Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, American Indian Museum, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Portrait Gallery, Postal Museum, Renwick Gallery , Smithsonian Castle, and the Smithsonian Gardens. Here’s the website: www.si.edu/

Final sight: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. No matter where you live, the holocaust has affected you in some way. I find the holocaust to be the second most interesting topic. There’s so much to learn. And what better place to get information on a subject hands-on, than a museum? If you find the holocaust as interesting as I do here’s their site: www.ushmm.org/

Of course there are other sights to see, but those are my top three. Who knows, maybe you like them as much as I do. Maybe, I’ll even see you there sometime. Now for the quiz (I’d make a really cool quiz, but I’m a year too young- sorry):

1) What president(s) did not live in the white house?

2) How many exhibits does the Smithsonian have?

3) What types of people did Hitler kill?

4) Who lived in the White House 50 years ago?

5) What sights do you want to see in Washington DC?