Farewell My Friends

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“This is the weirdest goodbye party. Half of the people turned out because they’ll miss the woman when she leaves. . . and the other half is here to celebrate that fact that she’s going away.”  “So why are you here?”  “They have really good drink specials tonight.” “Of course. I thought I noticed a little tear in your eye.”    Why are you guys here?. . .

Week ten is finally upon us. This semester seemed way too short. I know that the first one this school year was thirteen weeks, but this one seemed way shorter. So the post I liked writing the most would have to be Bad Hair Day Forever. I know that wasn’t a Blogging Challenge assignment, but that is possibly the best poem I have ever written. I have written thirteen posts since March. I don’t remember exactly what day it started on, so that number could only be eleven or twelve. Maybe. Six posts were school related (Partner Novell posts and Poems), zero posts were just for my own amusement, and the other seven were blogging challenges. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any oversees bloggers on my blog roll. The only people not from my school Are Nellie and Cybur Bullying Help. I’m pretty sure Nellie is in America. And I have no idea where the other blog is based.

Comments! Let me just say: I have actually had quite a few people come to my blog but only 8 comments! The comments that had the most was Partner Novel 4. That is because I had two partners that had to reply. Had to! 8 comments and 222 visitors! I’m sorry, but can someone please explain the logic behind this? I changed my blog theme once. It went from pink to multi colored. I appreciate the people who can actually remember what my original theme was. I have 12 widgets, but I wish I had one more for two reasons; 1) I really wanted to adopt a llama and 2) 13 is my favorite number -sorry to everyone who reads this and has triskaidekaphobia. And for those web tools? Nah, bruh. Simplicity is key. Also, I really don’t have any talents when it comes to technology. Okay, so that’s what happened on my blog. Now lets see what my mom thinks of my blog. Yes, I know my mom did it last time, but my few friends all do the Blogging Challenge so they aren’t allowed to review it.

My mo was in the middle of binge watching a TV show so I didn’t want to take up too much of her time. So instead of her reviewing my whole blog, she did just my hair poem and a quick scan of my blog. Per usual, she pointed out my spelling errors, and there were quite a few. For instance; Day Hair Day? No! That doesn’t even make sense! BAD Hair Day! Bad! I looked over that maybe 20 times, and every time I could’ve sworn it was Bad Hair Day! In my class, our teacher reviews our posts before she actually posts them. Mrs. Hoke, your a great teacher, but why didn’t you tell me about this? Why?! But I’m straying away from topic. My mom pointed out all of the errors then said, “But it’s cute.” She didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of it, just said things like ‘mhm’ and ‘cute’. I guess she was just really caught up in her show. And now so am I. . . Okay, I’m back (commercial break). That’s really all I have to say. Farewell my friends. Have a good life. I may never see you again. Unless I join a challenge in future years. But it takes a lot of time to complete each challenge, as I’m sure you can all agree. Until next time. . .

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Shopping Sonnet

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Every girl knows the emotional ride

That shopping always inflicts on your soul

The joyful, happy feeling you can’t hide

You find great deals and think you’re on a roll

But when you look to admire your great steals

They have suddenly multiplied and now

You don’t have the money to buy those heels

You still have all these other clothes, but how

How will you cope when you find something new

Much better than what you’ve already got

How will you cope when you can’t buy that, too

Your whole attitude becomes quite distraught

While buying stuff can lead a happy life

Being broke can stab your guilt like a knife


Day Hair Day Forever

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I was inspired to write this poem when I was brushing out my hair. For the fifth time in thirty minutes. It dawned on me that my hair was absolutely insane! When I first got hair it looked almost exactly like this kid’s! This little sprout is not me, nd I actually have no idea who it is. But I be that the guy who took it does. That person would be (Photo Credit:) myrick_andy64 via Compfight cc


My hair is divergent

It can’t be controlled

It laughs in my face

When I try to brush it down

The thick dark mass

Won’t stay in one place

It wiggles, it squirms

It curls, it flattens

But not in the good way

 If you know what I mean

At the tip top of my head

Are maybe ten short strands

That stick straight up

They refuse to be smooth

They dance in the wind

They try to be free spirits

But I wont allow it!

Go Down!

¨No!¨ they shout in righteous defiance

As they spring right back up

A simple solution:

Pull my hair up

It works for an hour

But then the wild dark mass

Figures out what has happened

¨We’ve been tricked!¨

Yes, they’ve been tricked

But my master plan falls through

All at once, the evil beast attack!

The sides of my head

 The poor sides of my head

Now have short convex strands

Daring to be noticed

Daring to make me suffer

They go straight out

Then slowly gravity takes action

Ah, good ol’ gravity

Good ol’ reliable gravity

He’s the only help

In this helpless battle

No brush, no comb, no product

Has ever been more faithful

But he’s powerless against

The leaders of the rebels

On the tip top of my head

Those short little spikes of doom

Spring straight up!

How dare they?

There’s nothing I can do

Oh, why?

Why do you torture me so?

What have I done

To make you hate me this way?

Please, please, please

Just behave!

Is that so hard?

¨Yes!¨ They scream in their defiant way

¨We will never be tame!

You can never control us!

We were born to be wild!

We were born to be in charge!

Forever and always!

You will be our servant, now!¨

This hopeless battle was finally won

I always thought it would be me

But, boy was I wrong

I will always remember the day

My hair took over

First me, next the world!

So watch you back

One person at a time

The world will be overrun

By divergent hair

That can’t be controlled

Only you can stop it

So be kind

Take care

And love your hair

No matter how much it hates you

Or youĺl end up like me

Poor, poor me

Mesmerizing Mammals

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I have two favorite animals. Hippos and Corgis. Which one I like the most is ALWAYS changing. And it almost always has to do with completely irrelevant objects. Such as bikes; if I want a cruiser bike, my favorite animal is a corgi that I can put in the basket and put a bow tie on. We could be all retro and adorable. But if I want a mountain bike, I want a hippo that could walk beside me on the rugged terrain, and we could snort in disagreement together as a branch whacked us in the face or as we got dirt on our feet. Yes, my hippo will be a totally stereotypical teenage girl.

4735944934_ffa040fffa_mPhoto Credit: komehachi888 via Compfight cc

Let me tell you a bit about my life with each animal. Corgis are, in my opinion, the cutest built dog ever. They are chubby, and have short stubs for legs, and they have the classic pointy ears and always look happy! My dog’s name will be George Rufus. George is the name we give all of our fake imaginary friends at my house. And Rufus is just a good dog name. Together, they sound sorta like George Lucas. I really hope you know who that is. Even if you have never watched Star Wars, you should still have heard of him. George Rufus will be a gentleman who goes all out in order to perfect the ’50s look. This includes a bow tie, wide-rim glasses and the occasional camera around his neck (that just makes him look artsy). I can see it now! Him warm gold fur snuggled against my chest as we snuggle on the couch and watch iZombie and Once Upon A Time. For those of you who have never heard of those shows before, they are AWESOME! I can’t contain my excitement! This would all be great to have, too bad my house’s landlords won’t allow dogs. No one ever does! Seriously, why not? Does anyone out there rent a house? If so, are you allowed to have pets?

8608301031_9559f53d19_mPhoto Credit: Dreamscope Photography via Compfight cc

Okay so that was George Rufus; now my hippo! I haven’t actually come up with a name yet. But I think I want to name it some other animal. Maybe Pigeon? That’s a cool name. Pigeon it is! Do I really need to explain why I love hippos? They’re chubby and have fat short legs (starting to sense a trend here) and I could fit my entire brother in its mouth! I don’t know why that was a valuable point. I’m definitely not going to feed my brother to my hippo. I guess that was just a fun fact? Have you ever heard a hippo make a noise? It sounds like they’re grunting in annoyance. It’s super weird and interesting and a perfect lullaby. Ha ha, not really. They seem like a perfectly balanced mix of laziness and activity. Just like me. Although I probably have too much laziness in me. Have you ever seen Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas? Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this. In that movie, Minnie and Daisy have an ice-skating competition. Then they bring out back-round skaters. Except some of them are hippos! Yes! When I saw it for the first time, I screamed in delight! Plus, they were wearing fluffy pink tutus! That is where my inspiration for how to dress my dear Pigeon came to be. It would be so much fun to own a hippo, if only hippos could live at my house. Which they can’t, according to my mom. Bleh.

Let’s see, what am I missing? Ah, yes, two websites to add extra information. I’ve always found the history of animals interesting. I find the history of everything interesting. That is what I shall do. Okay so the hippo has a very interesting history including Egyptian mythology and Europe and shrinking. What could all of that possible mean? Why don’t you read it for yourself? If you thought the history of the hippo was cool, be prepared to catch your socks. I always felt I had a special connection to this breed. And now I know why: I love fairy tales and magic and all that jazz, so it only makes sense that this is the dog for me. Plus, they’re the English Royal Family dog of choice. Read about the history of the corgi. Now! Why are you still here? Finished? Good. That’s pretty much it. but you have to comment and tell me if you liked the links. Until next time. . .

Poetry Week #1: Flaws

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Hey there my loyal subjects! Let me explain something. A CLASS assignment is to post a weekly poem on my blog. Don’t be alarmed when you see these poems and you don’t see the assignment from the actual SBC. With that settled. . .

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I have so many flaws

Too many to count

Lack of patience, defiant, controlling

But is it a mistake-

no, I make no mistakes

Is it so wrong

To be responsible?

On a boy it’s desired

He’s called a born leader

But on me it’s annoying

On me it’s a flaw

I have so many flaws

Too many to count

But what if they’re wrong?

What if I’m destined to be

An executive, president, leader?

We’ve come so far

Since the beginning of women’s rights

But if the problem were fixed

Why doesn’t my mother make

The same money as my father?

Why is it unfit

for a girl to be in charge?

For me to ba in the lead

Not to bring up the rear

But this poem is not

To support feminism

To bash sexism

This poem is for me

To explain all of my flaws

I have so many flaws

Too many to count

Lack of patience, defiant, controlling

They’re considered my flaws

But they’re wonderful

And I wouldn’t change

Even if I could

Because my flaws are not flaws

So long as I believe

That I would make

A great executive, president, leader


Tour Of Europe

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America. Home of the free, land of the brave. America. So far removed from everyone else (save Canada and Mexico). I wish I lived in Europe where I could wake up in the morning and decide I wanted to go to Germany, or maybe Romania and it would only take a few hours. However, I didn’t know where in Europe I would want to make my home. Two summers ago, I narrowed my choices down a bit. Two summers ago, I went with my dad and step family to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France. And can I just say; that trip was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire 12 (almost 13) years! Let me give you a quick summary of what went down on that trip:

3529687588_91aa66d588_mPhoto Credit: Rob redphonebox.info via Compfight cc

We landed at London Heathrow Airport where we were greeted by a cab driver that drove on the wrong side of the road! On the first three days we explored London. We saw Big Ben, went inside Westminster Abbey, and dripping wet, we took a ride inside the London Eye. I have to say, it wasn’t anything like I expected. I expected it to be like any other Ferris wheel. But instead of regular seats, it has large glass capsules with enough room for maybe 25 people. There was a touch screen with an image of all of the sights you could see from the top, with a bit of information for each sight. I thought that was pretty cool. I would tell you something I learned from it, but it got turned off halfway through loading the information. I didn’t get to see most of the sights because it was cloudy and rainy. I did, however, get to see LOTS of water droplet races. The day after that we did lots of walking. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about traveling; the walking! Ugh! By the end of the day my, even my blisters had blisters! Any ways, we walked across the London Bridge were a group of teenagers were singing the song. You know: “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. . .” they really made me nervous. Whose to say that the bridge wouldn’t actually fall down when we were on it?

3588533645_5c83f7e8b1_mPhoto Credit: sadhuism via Compfight cc

The next stop was Edinburgh, Scotland. I honestly don’t remember most of that place. I think we only stayed for maybe one day. I know we took a long walk to an old palace. it was like a town inside of a town. Also, it was there that i found out what a current is. I also found out that it’s really good. Which would become handy when that was the only flavor of cough drop available. Ah, now I remember! I had an allergic reaction (the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hand itched and I got a really bad cough) to a European deodorant  that my dad bought. I was forced to suck on the little blobs of sour and “soothing” for almost the rest of the trip. But I didn’t let that stop me, because next we were going to my favorite stop: Dublin, Ireland!

4149906457_6438b73d23_mKah27 via Compfight cc

Why was this my favorite? The attitude there was amazing! The people were friendly, the food was delicious, our hotel was bigger, I wasn’t sick for a little bit! I’m convinced Dublin is a gift from the gods to weary travelers. Yes, I was ready to be done, but I knew at the end of the trip, there would be Paris. Although, right now, were in Dublin, so suck it up and let me convince you to move to Ireland when you’re an adult! Join the bandwagon that currently consists of me, myself, and I! If I become really successful in the U.S., I will consider that domination, and I will know it’s safe to move on. On the first day, I went to a Leprechaun museum that was utterly amazing! They take you through a tour of the history of Leprechaun folklore. I was in love! But then, they opened up a secret doorway and we entered this dark room. While I was waiting for my eyes to adjust, I heard the tour guide call out, “See you on the other side,” followed by the sound of a door clicking shut. I was seriously freaked. Omg! What did we walk into? They just locked us in and now there gonna pull a Collector and kill all of us except one and the one they keep alive will get tortured until they go crazy and die. . . I have a bad habit of either assuming the very worst in people, or the very best. There is no in between. And for those of you who have never heard of The Collector, it’s a horror movie about a guy who is a mass murder. So fun! It turned out that the room we had gotten locked into was a model of a house except 15 times larger. We were supposed to feel what it was like to be the size of a Leprechaun. And it was really hard. Even my 6’4 dad had trouble actually getting onto the furniture. I noticed that other families were having the same troubles. I finally got high enough and was able to leap from structure to structure. Then a man discovered a mouse hole just big enough for me to walk straight up through. We all decided to explore it. On the other side, the tour guide was waiting for us. After that part, we got a more interacting history lesson. It was by far the best museum on the entire trip! Okay, okay. Thank you for humoring me and reading through this, even though you knew Paris was just a paragraph below. So now I will humor you.

4557879880_4b5db3e3f6_mHazboy via Compfight cc

Paris. The city of lights. And it literally is. At night, the entire Eiffel Tower glitters in thousands of twinkling lights so a little bit of time (not really sure how long). The crapes are wonderful (nutella and strawberries is the best), the city feels like a hustling and bustling city which is a very important quality in a tourist town. But what everyone fails to include is that Paris stinks. Not like it sucks, ‘cus it doesn’t! I mean, the history is rich, the food is delicious, the people are great! Whats not to love? The smell. it literally stinks. I know people are very passionate about conserving water and helping the environment, but would it kill them to try deodorant? I won’t say anything more on the matter for fear of offending anyone (I’m sorry if I already have). The Louvre is spectacular. I knew it was big, but I couldn’t believe how immense it actually is! Without my step mom who has been there many times before, we surly would’ve gotten lost for good. However, I did get to see many famous pictures such as the Mona Lisa and things that I would recognize but not be able to name. Whoops. Even with all of the other iconic sights we saw, my favorite was this bridge with a metal netting to keep people from falling off. But you can see the wires, all you can see is hundreds or locks with names and dates of people who knew they had true love, and wanted to share it with everyone, locked into place. And if you looked hard enough, you can see keys thrown into the river. It was truly magical.

Wow! I’m so sorry I put you through all of that! It’s a lot more than I thought it would be. I’ll spare you a long farewell. Thank you so much for reading to the end. I really appreciate people who aren’t scared to get in deep. I hope it payed off and you had fun. I did when traveling and writing about it. Until next time. . .

Game of Three

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Yes people, it is that time again! Game time! I would like to notify you ahead of time. The people I chose are on my Blogs To Read and I have added a link on this post. Great, and so it begins…

Like the game goes, I found a random blog in my age group, clicked a random link, did that one more time, and found Nellie! Not only is her name amazing, but her whole blog is full of color, and energy, and life! For everything she writes about, it’s obvious she knows and loves what she’s writing about. She has so many posts, but my favorite was her Books, Books, and More Books post. Every sentence is a new color, a new font, a new pull. She starts off with how much she loves books, and which books. Then she writes a personalized letter to you depending on how much you appreciate books. Wonderful! In case you were iffy on clicking the link above, I can assure you it’s worth it! You will be a happier person because of it! Don’t want to read about books? You should still check out Nellie’s Blog. Why are you still here?

For my second contact, I chose to stay closer to home. By going through some of my very own classmates, I found Keyan. I braced myself for impact, but it never came. I was pleasantly surprised. Way to go Keyan! Any who, my favorite post of his was the Dark Poetry. It was riveting and horrifying. He writes as a serial killer who has gruesome and predictable killings. Way to stick with the classics. I applaud you. It was really intense, then he made a huge plot twist at the end. I can’t tell you what it is because that would totally ruin the adventure. That was yet another reason to read Keyan’s Blog . Do it now!

I don’t know if it really counts, but I found a great site! It’s called Cyber Bully Help. I don’t know how new it is, because there is only two posts, but sites like this can be very impactful. They have a few facts on this horrible omission. This also reminded me of a group at my school called No More Bullying (NMB). We talk about how to help and prevent bullying incidents. It’s a great club to start at your school. So yeah, you should remember this site so you can prevent and protect yourself and your friends if this should ever happen to you.

I showed you three sites, and I really hope you will look at them. They were created by caring and creative writers who deserve to be acknowledged as just that. Until next time…

If We Lost Power

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My life today is largely based on technology. Look at me now! I’m typing on a computer! But what if this all went away? What would I be doing right now? What if electronics were never invented in the first place, how would society be different? So many questions, so little blogging time. But I will try my best to fully and thoroughly answer these questions. So it begins…

My average day consists of waking up, watching t.v. or researching topics on my computer, using computers at school, texting on my phone, reading, and more television. If the power grid went out, I would only be able to keep doing one thing on that list! One! How would most teenagers live in America? A few people are desperate enough to call 911 (the emergency hotline) when Facebook is down! For those select people, their future is dim. You could probably find them sitting on their couch staring at a television that no longer operates. However, there will also be the people who will be a bit sad but then go outside and play with friends. There will even be the people who will hardly notice the power outage. Where do I fit? Probably in the middle group. I’m a little on the chubby side, so being active would do me good. I used to love to run, but now I would rather spend my time on the computer. Also, I would read even more than I already do, and possibly get to sleep faster. Those are all ways I would change for the better, but technology also has its pluses. We’re more connected with the rest of the world. Without computers, no one would be here right now. Some of my best writings would never get noticed, like my poem that was an example for this year’s week 3 challenge. If the power went out for good, I think overall, I would be a healthier, happier, better person. How do you feel about all of this? Would you be changed for the better or for the worse?

Photo Credit: Stones 55 via Compfight cc

What if this was never the case? What if the power never had to go out because it never existed? How would be different? Would we be more connected? Would we be further apart? Would we be smarter? Would we be more in shape? Of course, there is no way to know for sure, only guesses. The only way would be to tesser to another dimension that didn’t have electricity. But that would only be created in hundreds- thousands even- of years and would need electricity to be created. So once you got there, you wouldn’t be able to come back… whoa! That went a lot further than I expected it to! But if this interested you and you want to learn more about how power girds work, read this article by How Stuff Works. It’s very captivating, and educational. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my post. Until next time…

Magic Madness

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Magic. You hear about it all the time; in stories, watching magic shows, movies, etc. I bet you know all the facts, too. He can pull the rabbit through a trap door in the table, there’s a hidden door in the back of the box that makes someone disappear. . . but what if I were to tell you that you don’t know the half of it. Where did the idea of magic even come from?

To know the history, you have to start with the basic knowledge. A magician is a fraud who learns how to use misdirection in order to gain you belief in magic, and your money. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good performance as much as the next fella, but we all must come to the realization that it’s fake. Want to know more about different types of acts we can see today? Click here.  According to some legend, sorcery is when you are born with magic. Others say it’s when you learn magic. It’s the same story with witches and warlocks. A potions master is someone who knows different concoctions that can heal or kill (medicine or poisons), a long time ago, alchemists were known as potions masters. I found a website that goes into great detail on magic in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, if you would like to look at it, click here.

8193088512_806bf01177_m                                             2388379637_6a7e3db307_m

Photo Credit: Simon Daniel Photography via Compfight cc       Photo Credit: kenneth_rougeau via Compfight cc

I don’t know the curriculum in your school, but I doubt you know about the Salem Witch Trials. Basically, in 1692 and 1693, hundreds of men, women, and children were convicted of being witches in Salem Village, Massachusetts. It began with a group of girls who claimed to be possessed by the devil. Not only that, but they labeled other women as witches, too. Why they would do that, I have no idea. This started a craze of convictions. Hangings, burnings, drownings, the people would do whatever it took to rid their land of witches that they thought would harm them in some way. It was one of the largest massacres in American history. History Channel has an article on their website about the Salem Witch Trials. It includes videos, facts, and a summery. It’s a lot more information than I could provide you.

As you can see, I love magic. I love the ideas, and the history. It just seems so fantastic. Magic is one of my favorite research subjects of all time. I find it really interesting and I hope you do, too. What is your favorite part about magic? Do you know any folklore, or history events including magic? I would love to hear about that! Thank you for reading, and hopefully for commenting.

Independence Day

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Before I get started on my beautiful and wondrous experience let me give you a little information on the history of July 4th. As many of you know (assuming you are American or have studied American history in class), The 4th of July is the day America gained independence from England. George Washington (who would later become the first president), led an army to the end of the American Revolutionary War. Today, Americans celebrate with fireworks to symbolize bombs, and the fireworks are usually in our nation’s colors; red, white, and blue. Now for the tale: It all began (and ended) on July 4, 2010.

756880176_2ebd983bf7_m                                             14369895537_6a1674873a_m

Photo Credit: (nz)dave via (nz)dave via Compfight cc               Photo Credit: (nz)dave via Compfight cc
We set up our picnic basket just as the sun was setting behind the hills. The color of the sky turned from a light blue to a hot pink and orange concoction to a deep black within minutes. It was a sunset you only get the privilege of viewing maybe eight times n your entire life. If we left then, I would’ve been happy. But the magic was just beginning.

The symphony housed maybe three hundred players. Simultaneously, they all began with our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. The mixture of the low brass with the violins and the woodwinds and cellos was overwhelmingly beautiful. Literally music to my ears. Afterwards, they played many classical songs as well as music written by American composers. Then the show began.

It started with a boom! I quickly looked up to see the first of the firework display. It was bright red. It quickly expanded to its full size within seconds, then proceeded to sizzle on its way back to the earth. Crack! A blue star erupts in a fury.  Only then do I realize that the symphony has continued to play, and also that the fireworks were being set off in time to the music. I turn to my step mom and say, “Damia, you really need to listen to the symphony while the fireworks blow!” “I have been, sweetie. It’s just all so incredible! I think we should eat our dinner now to celebrate!” So we did.

Of course, everything was either red, white, blue, or a mixture. We had the biggest juiciest strawberries and blueberries, strawberry shortcake, crackers and cream cheese, and bright blue soda. After maybe half an hour more of snacking, listening, and watching, the finale happened. There was so much going on! As soon as a a firework showed its colors, a new one was already cracking. As a result, there was maybe twenty firecrackers all begging for attention at once. Then as those died down, new ones would replace them. There was classic fireworks in every color in the spectrum, as well as sizzlers, fairy dusts, and even ones that created images when they exploded! They created hearts, and smiley faces, and at the very, very end, an American flag.

And that is a summery of how I celebrate Independence Day. Does your country celebrate it’s birth? If so, how? If you live in America, how do you celebrate? Please comment telling me all of the specific details.